Staining Fence Guide


Recoloring our fence this mid year was a major need for a couple of distinction reasons, 1) gives it a cleaned look and 2) it shields it from the rain and other climate. Considering how much rain we get in Seattle, it was extremely imperative that we completed this before the fall and winter (as though we haven’t had enough rain this late spring!).

Dark colored Horizontal Fence with LandscapeI’m quite minimal amazed exactly the amount of a distinction the stain made! It extremely made the fence pop and resemble an expansion of our home.

Level Fence Design and Landscape

It is safe to say that you will recolor your fence this mid year? I will take you through the procedure we utilized when recoloring our fence. There are a couple of various courses however here is the thing that worked for us.


Tips for Staining a Fence – Supplies

Semi-Transparent All Weather Fence/Deck Stain

Paint Sprayer

4″ Staining Brushes


Plastic Sheets

Outside Tape

Before FenceHere is the thing that our fence looked like previously. Normally, you need to give your fence a chance to dry out for no less than 24 hours before you recolor it. However, our fence is somewhat unique. Rather than conventional fencing sheets we really utilized decking for the even braces which is a great deal thicker. So we let our fence dry out for 5-7 days before recoloring it.

Preparing the fenceThe initial step is prep work. We needed to shield our home from overspray so we hung plastic sheets utilizing outside tape. Since we were taking a shot at a fresh out of the plastic new fence we didn’t have to prep the wood, however in the event that you were taking a shot at a more established fence you may need to weight wash it. Simply do your own examination on what works best for your kind of fence.

Showering Stain On

Much the same as any undertaking I take a shot at, selecting the ideal shading can at times be the hardest part. When chipping away at a fence, it’s extremely essential that you get a stain that is particularly made for recoloring a deck or a fence. We ran with a Semi-Transparent All Weather Fence/Deck Stain with an inherent acrylic sealer. This had a huge effect. I could differentiate from simply utilizing my commonplace stain that I use on furniture and DIY Projects.

I’ve very utilized a paint sprayer to recolor previously so this was a smidgen of a learning background. It took us a couple of times to discover our score and find what worked best for us as far as the settings on the sprayer. The hardest part was dealing with the overspray (more on this later). We found that dealing with three lines at any given moment worked best. We utilized a light shower setting and remained around 12-18″ away. You likewise need to shower with the grain of the wood.

Brushing On StainMy spouse would shower and after that I would rapidly take after with a recoloring brush and work the stain into the wood. This progression should be done truly rapidly. The wood ingested the stain super-quick, so on the off chance that we didn’t work it in immediately we were left with spots. These were less clear once we connected the second coat, yet despite everything you need to be cautious.

Over SprayThere were times when we would get overspray onto territories that we weren’t taking a shot at, similar to the photo above. In the event that we brushed them in rapidly enough it wasn’t an issue, yet you will need to watch out for them each time you splash. It truly had two of us brushing in the meantime.

Recoloring the fence

This is simply to demonstrate to you what a distinction two layers of stain make! The second coat just includes so much wealth.

one long brush stroke

When we connected the second coat, we would complete one long dismiss stroke to complete each board. This helped smooth out the stain.

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